Monday, April 2, 2012

Half-Square Triangle Sewing Basket

I decided I needed to see my dining table ~as a dining table!  It's covered in sewing paraphernalia, and I watched myself struggle to find my scissors, or seam ripper, or little 4-1/2" ruler... Maybe you know of what I speak.  Anyway, as I was cleaning, a brainstorm hit (or maybe it was just ADHD!) It started like this...

Left over half-square triangles... that I really like
and I've loved baskets since forever
not sure where the black ribbon came from??
Ohh... I should really use those HST's for something.  I really like them!  Oh what if I lined the basket with them and kept my sewing stuff in it??  Oh that would be cool.  [All my sewing stuff is out on my dining table and the ironing board is still up... actually the iron is hot and ready!]   So I blew off cleaning up my mess for a while longer while I listened to the little horned guy on my shoulder.. and got busy with my new creation.

I made enough of the HST's with black as one side, then pink & white homespun type plaid, or my b/w gingham with the flowers on it on the other side, and made a zig-zag pattern that went all around the inside of the basket.

I did it the easy way... two 5-1/2 inch squares of fabric sewn with 1/4" seams, right sides together around the OUTSIDE edges of the fabric; and then I cut those pieces from corner to corner (X) so I ended up with four HST's...  I really love this method.  So quick and easy.

I figured I would make a bottom piece to match, and put some toweling or something underneath to make it a bit softer...  

And then it happened... another brainstorm hit.  (Actually I love when this happens..)  I have two black (can you believe it?) dish cloths, brand new... well never been used anyway, from the dollar store... so I 'spent' 50 cents.  

If you peek on the sides of the basket (above)
you can see the construction
I centered the folds and pinned to follow the curve of the basket, and smoothed it out a bit by using the appropriate sized dish (put upside down on the fabric corners) for my rotary cutter to follow.  My dish cloths had a mesh backing, so I could either peel it off and not use it, or leave it on the dish cloth and use it.  I left it, [it was a bit stiff, and helped the dish cloth keep it's shape--like interfacing would] and I stitched around the edge of the mesh to hold it in place, since I just cut away the serged edges that were holding it in place.  I quartered my HST strip and pinned it to the dish cloth, and stitched a 1/4" seam so that it would work with my 'quilt pieces'.   

I had a few ideas for making pockets for the outside of the basket, and making the basket liner reversible,  but 'simple is better' won out.  I finished the edges with strips of black fabric (people must think everything in my house is black!  lol) and added a piece of ribbon on all four quarters to tie it in place.  I love it.

Now I'll be able to find my tools in style  :D

I guess it's back to finding the dining room table again!  Wish me luck!

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