Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day and Feng Shui

My last post was about completing projects.  I'm still struggling.  One of my main objectives was to clear the clutter in my mind as well as my apartment, and neither is going terrifically.  While I have accomplished a lot, I've also turned to the internet for ideas to organize my sewing stuff/area/room.  Yay for Pinterest!  But now my mind is on information overload, and my get-to-it-tiveness is sputtering.  My dining table is a mass of fabric and sewing machines, patterns, half-done projects, and my sons are complaining about bumping into the ironing board I've left out which is in the direct path between the rest of the apartment and the kitchen.  Ugh.

I make lists during the slow times at work, where my life is uncluttered, take them home with determination, and somehow on the bus ride and the hike up the hill to my apartment it all goes out the window when I open my front door.   How will I ever accomplish this?

Earth Day is this weekend.  And since my main purpose is re*purpose (hence the blog name), I'm making the extra push to get things REALLY accomplished for Earth Day.  I looked up organizing blogs (hoping one would be particularly inspiring to get the lead out) and on http://clutterdietblog.com/ found information about Goodwill Industries. Did you know that across the country GWI saves over 2 billion pounds of waste from the landfills every year?  They recycle and list books for sale on Amazon, they recycle electronic equipment (Many people don’t realize that Dell and Goodwill have partnered in over 2600 dropoff locations across the United States to responsibly recycle computers, phones, monitors, and other electronics. You can find the nearest Reconnect donation center here.)  And they provide training and jobs for veterans, people with disabilities, language barriers, transportation problems, criminal records, or child care problems—anyone with a challenge to finding employment. 

I've just made arrangements with my daughter and son-in-law to help me load up my donations and take them to our Goodwill store with weekend.  So I'm committed!  And feeling better already.  Simple acts from all of us made hugh differences in the environment, and in people's lives.  So even if I don't personally make something cute or reuseable out of every bit of excess whatever I have around here, it will be recycled, put to good use and kept out of landfills.

Now that the big picture is clear, maybe my efforts will trickle down to my objectives in my own household, and my own re*purposing efforts!  And my apartment will return to it's cute self, so I can sew efficiently and effectively, and my place is decluttered, warm and inviting!  I can only blame the mess on the twins so long before I realise there are a few fingers left still pointing back at me!    Posting progress reports should keep me motivated too! 

Happy Earth Day Mom (Mother Earth)!  :D

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