Friday, July 6, 2012

Quiltpiphany! may ask? My coinage...Quilt + epiphany, but simply based on the definition of epiphanya sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

My original intention of joining the B.O.M. class on was two-fold. One was to fulfill my resolution to feed my need to be creative, while really learning to quilt. The other was to make a quilt for my mother... this woman is amazing. And I think "super-amazing" qualifies since she's 85 and does more than I do nearly every day! She was a DIY Diva before it was cool... inspires me to sew when I watched her sew (and lifted up the presser-foot lever for her, and she still en she's self-taught in so many areas, and nothing seems to phase her!
I have been pouring over blogs, and googling quilt patterns, and looking at books, and reviewing my Pinterest pins... and finally, after viewing Amy Gibson's blog entry that included how excited she was to find a Dresden Plate quilt,(that I've read a dozen times) I've decided that IS the quilt I want to make for my mother! Because as much as I love how my B.O.M. quilt is turning out, my sister and I agree that black is probably not the background color for our mom. Mom mentioned she liked pastels, particularly pink, and she happens to have the most incredible baby blue eyes... so pastels she will get with her Dresden plate quilt.

I used a blind hem stitch on the blades
thinking it would be stronger, and last through
machine washing better

The blades on this block are hand stitched which I really enjoyed.

And now that I know how to make a Dresden plate block (thank you very much Amy Gibson) I can do this! What a sense of relief and urgency at the same time!!! I have a beautiful jelly roll of Tea Cakes by Verna Mosquera. I bought it on sale a while ago on The colors are perfect.. and it will be fun to get started. I may even do some hand stitching on these blocks... the more I look at Amy's prize Dresden quilt the more I want mom's quilt to be look old fashioned and authentic. I'll have to decide how I'm going to stitch down those blades later. But now I'm thrilled I can get started on this. Maybe even have the top done before I go back home for my class reunion in September. I may even attempt a border similar to the one in Amy's post ~ I think I can figure it out. And for the backing... there may be one more plate with a really flowery print... but I think for sure there will be a heart, so when she pulls up the quilt around her, the heart on the quilt will be close to her own.
I also have Amy Butler fat quarters... I'm thinking I might either attempt one of her quilt patterns, or the Summer Porch Quilt by Eleanor Burns with Amy Butler prints... THAT would be a happy quilt! And hopefully mine!
This isn't my quilt... but it IS what I imagine my
Amy Butler fabric/Eleanor Burns Summer Porch
 conglomeration could aspire to be!

I bought the book just for the Summer Porch quilt pattern... and SCORE! I can also do a stained glass quilt with this pattern~just substituting black for the white lattice, so I'm psyched about that! I've also fallen in love with the easy method of half square triangles that we learned in the B.O.M. so I'd like to do something with that... maybe just go crazy making HST's and then put the pattern together, like a puzzle, on my floor, with my assistants... (the twins) and see what we come up with.

I could be a multi-quilt project person before long, and I haven't made one start to finish yet! (Except about 20 years ago I made a log cabin quilt with the QIAD book... but somehow turning the quilt like a pillow with high-loft batting inside doesn't seem quite legit to me... sorry Eleanor).

Oh boy! I'm set! Hope your weekend brings you a quiltpiphany!

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Sachiko Aldous said...

I love how your quilt turned out! Thank you for your kind comment on "Skirting the Issue", it means a lot to me. :)