Sunday, August 5, 2012

August BOM blocks

I've had more difficulty getting started on these two blocks... mostly with fabric selection than any of my blocks, at least in the last few months.  Since I have a black background fabric I'm doing things basically opposite of what Amy Gibson is showing us in the Craftsy B.O.M. videos.   I wanted a feeling of continuity throughout the blocks, but I didn't start with a "collection" of fabrics to begin with. I started with my very 20-30 year old stash.  Some of my fabrics you've seen have evoked memories of projects from my girls childhoods (mom... didn't you make warm windows out of this fabric?) which has been fun, but I'm hoping what I'm creating now will create good warm memories for the future (not warm windows memories)... lol

Here is the first block. I chose a Kaffe Fasset print from his "Water" Collection for the center star; a sky blue (even tho it looks more greenish turquoise in this pic) shot cloth I've had for ages; and Anna Marie Horner prints for the outside star.  This is a block that really requires precision cutting and sewing.  I can't even imagine doing a whole quilt of these... but it would be awesome!

Block #16  Double Star

The Ohio Star was next... I normally bang both blocks out the day they release the monthly instructions & video, but this month was different, harder some how.  It could be that a lot is going on.  I've been working on my mom's quilt... Dresden Plate parts everywhere.  I also am going to start selling my coffee cozies and I'm working on the "presentation" for the counter they will be on ...Marketing... who knew?  So anyway, I put aside everything else tonight and put the Ohio Star block together.  Obviously it's a bit tamer than the Double Star with only two prints, but I really love both the fabrics.  These are also from Kaffe Fassett's "Water" Collection as well.   Gotta love me some KF (without the "C")  hehe.

Block#15 Ohio Star

If you haven't joined the B.O.M. on Craftsy... well why not?  It's free.  And this month I learned how to do the quarter square triangles with Amy Gibson's WAY helpful hints.  If you compare either of these stars to the one I made for my daughter two months ago....  well that would tell you just HOW helpful Amy's hints are.  My blue swirly triangles look like they're kissing.... they are so tight.  :D

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