Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wonky Log Cabins for the Craftsy BOM

I completed the two blocks for May.  Both are "Wonky Log Cabin" blocks, and here they are:

Working with scraps and strips like this always gets me over stimulated (in a good way).  I cut out more market skirts for my granddaughters ~especially the one in Florida, as I'll be sending her a package this coming week.  I received a picture she drew this week in the mail, and I'm pretty excited about that too!

I went grocery shopping today (so what? you might be thinking) but without a car you really don't take for granted the opportunity to load up on groceries.  It turned out nice, since my three 'in-town' kids and my grandson and I all got to visit for a while.  

We had a wonderful lightning storm tonight... and the boys and I sat out on my balcony and watched the sky.  We plan to watch the moon set early in the morning, since it's supposed to be the closest to earth it will be this decade (I believe that's what my son said).  I'm hoping the clouds will clear off by then, so we can enjoy it.  Most of the night sky events lately have been a bust.  

There's always more things to do on the weekends than seems humanly possible.  But at least I got a day of sewing in.  I'll post the skirt I completed tonight, soon...  It's been a great weekend so far.

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