Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fancy Tiger... my new fav place to fabric shop

Four minutes from work (on the bus no less) is my new favorite fabric store.   I've heard tell about it, but meh, a store is a store... I've been disappointed lately in the be-all end all stores (mainly my sewing machine repair place... another blog perhaps).   But not this time!!  Score big time for Fancy Tiger!

I needed more fabric for my Dresden Plate quilt I'm making for my mom.  But the line I started out with wasn't readily available.  I called down to Fancy Tiger to check if they had that particular line.  They didn't either, BUT she sweetly looked up the fabric online and thought they could find something that would go with the fabric.  So, after work I scooted across the street, jumped on the Broadway bus and was there in under 5 minutes.   

I walked into this spacious store with gleaming hardwood floors and bolts and bolts of beautiful fabric everywhere.  Very easy to get lost in a place so full of yummy-ness.  But the same girl I talked to on the phone was there behind the counter ready to assist me.  We sized up the fabric situation, and I came away with a luscious jelly roll of Tradewinds by Lily Ashbury and coordinating backing fabric.  And I couldn't take my eyes off it on the long bus ride home.

And the girls were so nice!  I wish I wasn't so horrible with names.  Because I'd want to give kudos to all of them.  It's like we were all in this project together.  And they want me to bring the quilt back in when I get it made up.  The encouragement and the camaraderie is, well ...happy.

I am so gonna be back!  As soon as I stop drooling over this fabric and make up this quilt!!

Isn't it pretty!! ... just wait until I open up that jelly roll and unfurl it's deliciousness all over the place.  LOL  Mom's gonna love it!  How could she not?

Have you found your favorite quilt shop?   Fancy Tiger was such a breath of fresh air... I am going to have fun visiting that shop on the regular!  

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