Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Retro Halter Top

I found some old patterns of mine...  circa late 60's early 70's.  Particularly a halter top I made and wore a lot!  If I find a picture of me wearing it, I'll scan it and post it.  It was one of my favs.

Here's the pattern:  Look $1.50!  (and a 31 1/2" bust??)   

I decided to use my new pack of Rowan "Water" from Kaffee Fassett Collective fat quarters to make one up for my daughter, who turns 30 at the end of this month (but can still rock the halter top).  Happy Birthday Raine!

I made this top reversible (similar to the top I made for my granddaughter ~with the same green gingham fabric) and I STILL have 3 yards of gingham left...  
I used to make gingham napkins for the barbecue restaurant up the street (many moons ago) and I'm pretty sure this gingham is left over from then.  I just may make a set of napkins and who knows what else out of the rest.  But I like the gingham as a facing on this top, the greens compliment each other well.

It was fun was going down memory lane... my early days at sewing (and lets face it... when I could still rock a halter top!) and trying to remember what my sewing experiences were like back then.  I have to admit, using a 5/8" seam allowance seems a bit strange after sewing so many scant 1/4" seams while quilting.  

I still remember the fabric... a beautiful red woven print with lots of accent colors.  I made a peasant mini dress out of the same fabric too.  

But I don't much remember what I used to turn the ties right side out back then (maybe a safety pin?).  I do know my sewing techniques have come a long way since then.

And while the gingham is old school... and classic; the Rowan "Water" from Kaffee Fassett Collective is absolutely beautiful and fresh..

 I also made a mug rug out of my Kona white and more of the Rowan "Water"  selection.  I sandwiched it with some Insul-Bright, and did some channel quilting on the squares.  And I finished it off by binding it with bias strips I cut from the left-over scraps.  This was my first attempt at quilting and binding for quite a while.  While the block isn't technically perfect, I like it.  And I hope my daughter does.. :D

Three different prints from the "Water" collection
were used for the top & the binding

Backing fabric...more from the "Water" collection

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