Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's In the Bag?

My sister Rose has an embroidery business.  CB Designs, in Arvada, CO.  She has a beautiful machine that stitches out 10 different colors automatically, and she embroiders mainly for businesses (hats, gear, t-shirts, aprons... whatever).  But when WE get together she is all excited about the fun stuff there is to embroider and we test it out.


I like tree frogs.  And I'm not the only one in the family that does. So when Rose found this tree frog pattern... well we HAD to stitch it out.  The only thing she had though (since she doesn't sew) was a scrap T-shirt from one of the rejects of a print job they did.  Bright goldenrod.  The frog literally took an hour to stitch out (57,000 stitches I think), we used 14 colors.  I could not bear to let it sit on a t-shirt that would never be worn... SO I made a drawstring bag out of it.  Everything I used was already on hand.  The blue fabric was from my inventory stash.  Even the drawstring was pulled out of a pair of drawstring pants I don't wear.   I didn't use a pattern, I just made it up.  It was a bit nautical in theme since it was for my granddaughter in Florida who goes boating and plays on the beach a lot. 

And the ultimate recycling kicker is that I put an empty plastic coffee container on the inside.  The coffee can keeps the bag's shape, and keeps my granddaughter's treasures and treats clean, dry and sand-free on their frequent boating outings in Florida where they live.  Even the blue fabric is a wave print!  I love it when a plan comes together!  :D

OH! There's more!  Rose stitched out two of these frogs (two granddaughters remember?).  So the other T-shirt was recycled into a cute little skirt.  Unfortunately the frog is sideways, but hey... I can't even guess how much $$ in thread (57,000 stitches!!) there is in this frog!   Take a look:

Tree Frogs are my favorite!
Isn't she lovely?

For this simple little skirt I just cut the t-shirt across the chest, just under the arm-pits with a rotary cutter.  I folded over the raw edge to make the casing to fit the 3/4" elastic I had on hand, and I was done!  I left the hem of the t-shirt as is, and it's the hem of the skirt.  

Easy and easy care!

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