Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oy... time to dig... can't find my 'stuff'

OK.. there is a break in the BOM (Block of the Month) quilting class until ..haha.. April Fool's Day.   I've made a few more of the coffee cup sleeves,  minus the hook and loop closures.  Where is that monstrous roll of that stuff anyway??  I've been eyeing my boxes in the front closet that have been unopened since I moved into this apartment 2 years ago, wondering where that hook and loop tape could be.  

Back story.. I moved from a small 5 bedroom home the kids and I lived in for 22 years.  Sign of the times.  I lost my job due to down-sizing and couldn't afford the mortgage.  My job search was miserable.  And I lost the house.  It was devastating.  But I moved on, to a one-bedroom apartment that was really sweet, nice amenities, a pond with ducks and geese right across from my balcony and life goes on.  I couldn't have done it without the help of my sister and a good friend from my old job.  My sister basically packed what I couldn't deal with anymore.  Sizing down was monumental.  Hence the boxes I haven't opened. 

But now is the time.  I've been pouring over sewing rooms and organization ideas online and on Pinterest.  And I have a pretty good idea of what I want to happen.  It IS a one-bedroom apartment.  I don't have a whole room to devote to sewing, and even if I did, I'd still want it to look like I could use it for overnight guests.  So I'm trying to find my sewing tools I haven't uncovered yet... like my velcro, and my nifty turning tools, and my extensive sewing library of books, and try and reclaim my cute apartment and putting the shui back in my feng.  lol  I really believe in that [feng shui].  And my cluttered existence right now is reflected in my cluttered place.  

So, right now... it's back to decluttering and organizing with the goal in mind of being much more productive and happy and organized in my life, my blog, my eco-minded ways, and my sewing.  

We shall see.  

April Fool's is fast approaching!  :D

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