Sunday, March 4, 2012

Craftsy's BOM Class

I took the plunge in December and signed up for's BOM Quilting Class.  Check it out!  Not a huge financial plunge, the workshop is FREE (you can sign up anytime) I'm just very non-committal these days... and the beauty is, well there is a lot of beauty to this.  Let me try to count the ways...

* I currently don't have a car. (Lugging a machine etc. on a bus to a predetermined and sometimes not convenient place/hour...not loving that too much).  No need, the class is on my laptop... whenever, wherever I want!

* Online anytime.  If you are working and can't make a scheduled class, or waiting for nap-time, or might have some time in the wee hours of the morning... all you have to do is turn on your computer and log on to your class.  Click the play button and your instructor is right there ready to go!  And let me tell ya, Amy Gibson, the instructor, is bright eyed and bushy tailed and sweet... as well as fun!

* I have a hearing problem.  I don't hear well in crowds.  Classes don't always work for me when people are chit-chatting among themselves.  I get it.  But I hear Charlie Brown's   I'm just not going to get anything out of the class if I can't hear what is being taught.
*Also, if I miss something, I can replay the lesson as many times as I want, with great camera angles so I can see what the instructor is doing.  I've been learning sewing techniques via video classes for over 20 years and it just works!

*Online chit-chat... LOVE it!  We can share pics of our projects, ask questions, make comments, cheer each other on....everything that disturbs me in a real classroom setting is GREAT in the online setting.
*I have completed 1 (one) quilt ever!  and I want my quilt to be finished, top-quilted and bound this time.  This class offers it.  I'm thinking of doing two quilts side by side because the pace is so manageable.

*Personal reasons: I am using a lot of my stash on this quilt.  Fabrics I originally bought to make dresses, etc. for my girls.  My girls are in their 20's and 30's now. (so embarrassing!)  This quilt is my "Procrastinator's Redemption"  ~ I might just call it that too!  Oh and since I'm all fired up about sewing/quilting again... I just may get some of those dresses made for my GRAND daughters... hopefully more redemption!  

I am so glad to be bitten by the sewing/creativity bug again.   

Those are a few of the many reasons I am so glad I joined this class!  I am a big, no... BIG procrastinator.  Completing a block is such a win, a mood altering win for me... I get to not only drool over fabric, but now I'm looking around at my lovely stash and seeing possibilities like never before!  Why even while I was on the phone with my friend Debbie, I stitched together a pillow cover for my couch.  he-he  That would have never happened before!

Here are my first eight blocks from my BOM class:

BOM#1  Asterisk block
(click for a close-up)

BOM#2  Wonky Pound Sign block
(click for a close-up)

BOM#3  Balkan Puzzle (or Windblown Star) block
(click for a close-up)

BOM#4  Chunky Chevron block
(click for a close-up)

BOM#5  String block (totally deserves a better name)
(click for a close-up)

BOM#6  Broken Spider Web
(click for a close-up)

BOM#6 Broken Spider Web 2 (the keeper)
(click for a close-up)

BOM#7 Hexagon Stripe
(click for a close-up)

BOM#8 Moonlight Lanterns ~I made this up
(click for a close-up)

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