Sunday, April 8, 2012

Completing projects...

Made a new top (reversible) for my g-baby in Florida...
this time I added the pocket in front
This weekend was a sew holiday for me... and I got to complete some projects and plan on more to come.

I also got my order in the mail for Rowan "Water" from Kaffee Fassett Collective.  Oh such gorgeous fabrics... and FAT quarters!  Opening this package had the same affect on me as chocolate.. (and you KNOW that's saying something!).

I also found several items put in safe places, and some right where they were supposed to be.  So the organization efforts are moving forward slowly.

While looking in my grandmother's button box, I realized I have some really cool old items.  So, soon I'll take them out and snap some shots.  Some of the buttons still on cards will be fun to share.  Other buttons were picked out like screws at a hardware store and put in a small envelope with the price written on the outside...  I won't say anymore until I have some pics to share.

Hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be!  

Here's what I did this weekend...
sneak peek at some of my vintage buttons on cards... 10 cents!

Figured out my buttonhole functions on my Pfaff.
I read my owner's manual on the bus this week!  lol

measuring for the buttonholes to match 

only scary thing about this, is that my g-baby is so far
away, and I can't have her try it on to see if it fits
(especially for button placement)
~and especially the hugs I'm missing!

I figured out how to make the top reversible.  I plan to make more
green gingham pieces to go with it.  This is the back.

Back of the top in blue^

Back of the top in the floral^
I know I've posted pics of this outfit before, but
I finally got the buttonholes right.. and can
show you the 'reversible' aspect :D

Update:  You know when you make something (at least I do) that you press and sew and press and sew and press again, with starch even!  Alas, my daughter most likely doesn't own an iron... LOL, so keep that in mind as I post these pics my daughter took of my grandbaby/model today.

my handsome grandson who is an awesome big brother

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