Sunday, June 3, 2012

If it's the first week in June, it must be... da BOM

Here are my renditions of the two (BOM)blocks for June:  The Greek Cross, and the Octagon.  

This month it was all about getting my scant 1/4" down to a science. I measured my seams before hand this time, and pinned so all the seams matched perfectly.  I think I missed one seam, but didn't notice until I was examining the photos. 

[Add in note here: Amy Burg (of Craftsy's BOM) mentioned that half-square triangles on the bias are forgiving, so if your seams didn't match up just so, you could remove just the stitches around that seam and re-position.  So I tried it.  And it works!  My seams all match now on the Greek Cross.  I may have to check out my other blocks for mismatched seams now too.]

So it's been a skill lesson for me.  My blocks came in right at 12-1/2" with only minor trimming to neaten up the edges.  Hooray!

Greek Cross
The black Kona is my background fabric; the floral fabric is from my stash.
The green chevron was my son Ricky's pick, from the Boho Fat Quarter Bundle by Free Spirit.  I bought it at the start of the BOM,  just in case my stash wasn't cutting it  I freaked out and decided to totally copy-cat everything Amy did.  I love the chevron.

Octagon Block

Kona in black for the background and one fat quarter of batik.  Who doesn't love batik?  I have received more feedback on this block...(and every other block that has batik in it).  I think it's that 'glow factor' batik has.
I took daylight pics today ~ They turned out much better.


In other news, our family got to celebrate Raine's 30th birthday last Memorial Day weekend, because her wonderful hubby surprised her with plane tickets home to be with all of us!

We had a wonderful time with nearly all the family together, and a bunch of Raine & Ryans' friends.  The volleyball net was set up in the park, and I even got in a volleyball game or two!  There was swimming, barbecue,  celebratory shots, and lots of love and laughter!  It was fun! 

When I gave the halter top to my daughter for her birthday, I told her that I made a similar halter for myself 40 years ago (or more) from the very same pattern, and she loved it, and Ryan loved it.  He actually liked the gingham side best...   

I also gave her the Mug-rug to the Stars and gave Ryan a mug-rug I made for him with two bow-tie blocks... Ryan rocks bow ties (a lot) as you can see from their wedding pic above.  

Hopefully they will be sending me pix as we didn't have time to take one of Ryan's mug-rug, or see the halter top on Raine.   

My current WIP list include: 

  • applying hook & loop tape to my many coffee cozies I made weeks ago;
  • tweaking my serger so I can finish the lettuce edging on some tank tops I made for the g-baby girls; 
  • and welder's caps.  Welder's caps?  Well I have a friend who says there is a great need for welder's caps, in all kinds of fabrics... (that appealed to me) so I'm going to see if I can put some together for him and hopefully they'll fit.  
  • Oh, and I have some baby bibs I've been making over the years that are extra generous in size... just need to work on completing the last step.. the closures around the back side.  I'll post pics later on those.
I am still waiting to hear that my sewing machine is ready to be picked up...fortunately my old Pfaff 1471 has a new shiny power cord, and I'm back in business.  

Yesterday I stitched the two blocks for Crafty's Block of the Month-BOM... on the heels of learning that Amy Gibson, our instructor, unexpectedly found out she's expecting twin boys!  [Amy's blog: Stitchery Dickory Dock]   So there is much more excitement buzzing around her news than the blocks, (even though the blocks are fantastic) ... 

I know the range of emotions she must be going through right now.  I've been there ~done that, have the t-shirt (and the gray hair) to show for raising twin boys!  I'm smiling... but logistically you have just run out of hands, simple things instantly become monumental (try grocery shopping, feeding and diapering, laundry, and just holding your children's hands for instance!) and as my twins got a wee bit older... omg what one of those boys didn't think of, the other did!  And still do. But what a crazy wonderful experience it's been.

My kids... 23 years ago!
Raelani, Raine, Robin
RJ & Ricky (the twins)

RJ & Ricky  "the twins" today

Four generations of smiling faces at Raine & Ryan's wedding last summer.
Something to be said when your immediate family requires wide angle lens!

I wish Amy and Russ (and their two darling girls) all the joy, health & happiness these two additions could possibly bring!


Hope your day and weekend have been sew awesome!  

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